Platypod eXtreme, Platyball Elite plus a Pocket Wizard with Neale Blackburn

Words by Neale Blackburn
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

This weeks - Extreme + Platyball + Pocket wizard offering turned out about as well as I could have hoped!

I combined my Platypod extreme with the Platyball Elite (a must have for up leveling your final captures) and a pocket wizard remote. This was set up to fire a D5 on an 18-35 @ F8 full frame with the sensor cropped to 5x4.

I cover Point to Point steeplechasing, mainly amateur horse racing over
jumps which is where I first started to explore the use of remotes and my
personal association with Platypod (as a consumer) began.

I was always searching for a quick and easy solution to low angle remote
shots of horses in mid jump to add some drama to the portfolio. I love the
planning and preparation nearly as much as the actual end result.

The Pocket Wizards can be a little idiosyncratic at times so, there is always an element of "hit and hope it responds". Though I've noticed the more I practice with this tool the luckier I get with my shots. 

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