Platypod Handle: A Camera Riser, Vlogger Grip and MORE with Bob Coates

Words by Bob Coates - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"The Platypod Handle is a versatile piece of gear to expand both the Platypod ecosystem (and your photography kit). As a Platypod Pro, I've been lucky enough to have gotten one of these in my hot little hands for the last couple of months to  try it out in many different ways. The Handle is currently in Pre-order status and can only be pre-ordered on Platypod's website with plans to deploy it's first delivery during the month of June and second delivery scheduled for August.

As promised I compiled a Pro's and Con's list for this handy piece of gear and the results of that exploration is below for your reading pleasure.


  • Well built with three year Limited Warranty
  • Eight threaded sockets
  • Rust-proof
  • Versatile
  • Add height to your existing tripod
  • I’m thinking, I’m thinking…
  • The bottom joint can be over-tightened and be tough to loosen (carry a multi purpose tool with you)

Platypod Handle — Uses

For a relatively simple piece of kit the Handle has a lot of uses. A riser for your main tripod to add 6-10 inches. A riser for you camera from the low-level Platypod which makes it easier to leave your large tripod at home when you need to stay lightweight when hiking. My favorite is as a base for table top photography. Not having tripod legs over which to trip makes that work much easier. The eight 1/4 inch mounts are like having extra hands on the set when placing lights and reflectors. Adding a second Handle allows for an overhead tabletop angle.

This can also be helpful for videographers as a vlogger grip or simple mount for a phone. Makes it easy to support your camera and ancillary lighting while on the move.

I’ve worked with Larry and the Platypod products for a few years now. I’m impressed with how he brings new thinking to old problems. He listens to photographer feedback about his line of photo gear. Even better, he acts on it!


Platypod Handle — In the studio

Here are some sets where I’ve used the Platypod Handle to make my work easier.

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