Platypod is a Great Fit for the Kitchen!

Intro by Chamira Young

Today we're featuring pastry chef Valentina Cordero as she shares how she used her Platypod to take stunning photos of her cooking process for Vegan Flower Rainbow Fettuccine. Below is an excerpt from her blog post. Check out the full post here for the entire recipe in case you want to make this delicious dish yourself, as well as additional photos! Also, check her out on Instagram. Get ready to be inspired!

Vegan Flower Rainbow Fettuccine

Words and Images by Valentina Cordero

I hardly talk about photography, but I want to share that my husband is a professional photographer. He has taught me so much about the quality of the images, color, composition, so it really makes a difference to put as much love in the pictures as in the recipes!

The equipment we used:

  • Camera: Canon 70D
  • Lens:Tamron 60mm
  • Tripods: Platypod ultra & Platypod max
  • Lights:Litra torch 2.0