Platypod Max and Platyball Ergo for Vlogging with Dave Williams

Words and Images by Dave Williams

I’ve recently started to take my YouTube channel seriously with all that’s happening on social media to suggest that video is strong in our future. I did a lot of research into what would be the perfect vlogging rig for the moments that I needed to easily transition between a static shot to something a little more dynamic and handheld. There are a lot of solutions out there as a result of a myriad of sponsorships, opinions, and requirements. It didn’t take me long to realize that I already had exactly what I needed!

Platypod has once again solved my problems, and in combining the stable base of the Platypod Max with the strong and ergonomic Platyball Ergo, I have my vlogging rig. The Ergo is so comfortable to hold onto whilst recording, and with it’s simple controls it’s very easy to make adjustments for static shots.

I had just a few simple requirements for my rig. I needed the weight to be manageable, as a lot of vlogging rigs are surprisingly heavy, and I needed to be able to put it down without making adjustments or unfolding legs. Both of these are checked off with this combination. As well as having my lights and sound mounted on top of the camera, I have the option of easily attaching other accessories with the Goose Necks that screw straight into the base.

It’s easy to see from the success of the top performing YouTube personalities that it’s important for our brand that we use video. The emergence on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels as well as TikTok really demonstrate this. Being one step ahead on social media, or keeping up at the very least, are pivotal to our success and the success of our brand or business. As working photographers, our primary goal is to convert each engagement into a client or a revenue stream, and with video establishing its position on the social media channels we use to market ourselves and our businesses it’s time to create more video content.

As photographers we need to remember that we’re selling ourselves and our personality as well as our skill and ability. In our industry when people book us, they’re booking the person who creates the images, particularly when it comes to portraits and weddings where the entire experience is part of the creation of the final results. Through video and vlogging we can show our potential clients who we really are, show them behind the scenes of what we do, and defeat the social media platforms algorithms that determine whether or not we’re successful by providing the content they’re looking to promote in the form of video.

I’ve definitely made the right choice by creating a vlogging rig with the Platypod and Platyball. It’s super-simple to use, supports my camera, lights and microphone just right, and helps me to create more professional video content by having that flexible yet stable base that I can take anywhere with me. And f I need to dismantle, it I can do so quickly and easily, packing it all into a small space.