Sedona Courthouse Butte

Words and Photos by Bob Coates

It’s pretty rare we get snow in Sedona, AZ that hangs around for a while, so when it does happen, it’s time to get out the cameras! On this particular excursion, I set one camera up on my Fotopro Eagle series E6L to capture a time lapse of the sunlight coming and going with wisps of clouds dancing among the crevices. 

Meanwhile I had the Platypod Max as a second support to use with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III and the M.Zukio f/4 12-100mm lens to make additional still frames. I wanted to get a little height, so I used my car for the base.

I used the Platypod silicon mat to keep the plate from slipping off the car and possibly scratching it. Also, I screwed in the leg bolts that came with the Platypod, as they have rubber caps built right in. This allowed me to have more control on where I placed the camera with no chance of it sliding off and scratching the car.

Below is the final image of Courthouse Butte in Sedona, Arizona. The image settings were 1/250th sec, f/9, and ISO 200. It was processed in Adobe Camera RAW with a little side of some NIK filters - Pro Contrast and Glamour Glow.

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