In the Sedona Snow and Beyond

 Photos and text by Bob Coates

The snow was looking beautiful on the back side of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Early in the morning, I ran out to get the snow before the sun brought the melting heat to bear on the scene. You usually don’t have too much time to get the shots, and that day was no exception!

Having the camera mounted on the Platypod Max helped to move to different locations quickly. For this image, I wanted the snow covered trees to be a strong foreground element. Setting the tripod on a snow covered rock was perfect. The Benro head allowed complete movement of the camera with the release of a single lever, making it easy to level and position the crop in an instant.

I used the Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera with the 12-100 f/4.0 lens. It' a great combo from wide to telephoto to make cropping the scene in-camera easy as well. Check out the setup shot below, as well as the final image!

The Setup:

The Final Setup:


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