Platypod on a Rocky Shoreline at Sunset provides Ultimate stability with Jeffrey McPheeters

Words by Jeffrey McPheeters
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"This image was one I picked out of a time lapse sequence I was recording with an OM System OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera. This capture was taken in February, 2017 at Clinton Lake (close to our rural Kansas homestead), in the Clinton Lake State Park. The shoreline is mostly rocky and when I want to get good reflections on the water (and when conditions warrant), I'll set the camera fairly low with the assistance of my Platypod tripod and sometimes use a circular polarizer to increase the reflection. Rather than removing it which is what we normally do with polarizing filters that can cut reflections. In this case, I didn't realize the clouds were swirling into heart shapes, as it happened over a fairly long stretch of time. Reviewing the animation in post, it was more obvious, so I selected this frame as the most obvious one that shows a heart shaped hole in the sunset colored clouds. I selected the Platypod because it allows me to set up my camera at a very low angle and almost out of sight which is nice because I'm using another camera or two for other perspectives and it makes it more likely I can avoid including other cameras within my compositions."

To view more of Jeffery's work you can visit his Instagram page by clicking here or his Facebook page (which goes by the same username). His website also offers a few articles and a portfolio with some of his favorite works, you can view those by clicking here. Last (but not least) he has an account with SmugMug and you can view his page by clicking here.

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