Platypod & Platyball on a Mobile Photography Adventure in Lofoten

Words by Russell Brown 
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Recently, I went on the trip of a lifetime to join Dave Williams on his Due North expedition in Northern Norway and I had the opportunity to get my hands on the new Platypod eXtreme and Platyball Elite to use in a photoshoot with the incredible local dress designer, Kristina Sidlauskaite. Our adventure led us to many of Lofoten’s beautiful, iconic locations, but having a model with such stunning dresses made a huge difference in allowing me the opportunity to create some unique images.

"One of the locations we visited was a boathouse Dave suggested at the last minute, just off our route as we were planning the day before ‘dress day’. Which, albeit a location not known by many, is synonymous with Lofoten, encapsulating the character of the area through its jagged mountains, colorful and weathered boathouse and nearby water. As part of the planning process, I wandered all around this location to find the perfect angle. I ended up placing Kristina behind a large pool of water that had collected on the rocks, having her stand just offset to the boathouse against the background. The water in the foreground was something I definitely wanted to incorporate into the image and I wanted to get as low and flat to the surface of the water as possible. I saw the opportunity and switched out my tripod for the Platypod eXtreme and Platyball Elite, using my PeakDesign Mobile Creator Kit.


"Getting as low as I was able to by using the Platypod system was essential for this photo. It allowed me full creative freedom which enabled me to get a shot that I simply wouldn’t have been able to get by using a tripod. Sure, I could have shot handheld, but having a fixed shooting position allowed me to take a series of identical frames which I could then take into Adobe Photoshop to remove distractions and non-essential elements such as the light stand, and I could also better position myself to fire off the shutter remotely using a Bluetooth trigger. When I looked back toward the rig I couldn’t help notice its elegant construction. It’s perfectly functional but aesthetically, it’s very pleasing. It feels good and looks good, as well as being lightweight and an ideal compact solution to camera stability.

"My aim for this photoshoot was to capture the elegance and beauty of Kristina and her handmade dress, juxtaposed against the raw, rugged nature of Arctic Norway. With the help of Platypod I was able to achieve my vision."

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