Platypod Ultra; A slam dunk for tight spaces!

Words by: Eryka Bagwell


Pete Wright is a fourth generation artist and second generation photographer based out of Bradenton, Florida. He got his start as a professional and college sports photographer in the mid 90's and has shot all levels (and kinds) of sports throughout his years in the industry. Later in his career, he was offered a full time job with Canon USA to both photograph and travel the country to lecture to other photography professionals. You may have heard him speak at an Imaging USA in the past.

He prides himself on achieving the documentary style of each of the events that he attends as well as integrating a very candid style capture of the action being performed.

To achieve this shot, Pete used his Platypod Ultra and cinch straps to mount his camera directly to the backboard to capture the raw emotions on each of the player’s faces as they close in on their shot. His results are an absolute slam dunk if we do say so ourselves.


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