PPA to host in-person photography sessions with James Corbett in Maryland

Words by James Corbett
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

While many of us have Iceland as a bucket list destination, not many of us are prepared to drive 2,600 miles over 3 weeks to explore all the coasts and fjords around the island nation. James Corbett has been used Platypod products in his travel, nature and fine art photography for years and was excited to order the Platyball Elite. He was delighted by its arrival in time for his big trip. He prefers to call himself a "lens-based artist" to avoids the whole discussion of post-processing. His aim in creating images is to land spots in gallery shows and acceptances in art festivals where he can market directly to collectors. For Iceland, his goal was to make art from a tripod and make ample use of neutral density filters and other creative techniques. The Platyball was a pivotal tool in meeting his goals. He credits its ease of use, one-handed control and quick, precision positioning for making the trip go smoothly. He is very pleased with the art he created on the trip.

Do you have a photography trip on your bucket list? Has it ever occurred to you to create an image using a flashlight? Registration is open for 2 exciting in-person workshops taught by James Corbett and sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America.

On September 10, 2022, James teaches an interactive session on “Making Travel Magic: Iceland and Beyond.” This workshop will share insights and techniques gained from years of traveling and creating images worthy of competitions, exhibitions, and art sales. While his recent 2,600 miles adventure driving Iceland’s ring road will be the case study for the trip, everything covered will be applicable to any trip. Some of the key techniques explained will include lens selections and how and when to deploy polarizers, neutral density filters, and creative techniques, such as intentional camera movement. For a full description of the workshop and to register, please click on

On September 17, 2022, James will lead a hands-on session to “Light Paint Some Trolleys” at the National Capital Tolley Museum. The workshop will be a rare opportunity limited to 4 photographers to create images in a car barn filled with restored trolleys. We will cover the entire process of light painting and
post-processing. Techniques used include layering, blending, and manipulating images to produce fine art composites. For a full description of the workshop and to register, please click on https://www.epiclifeimages.com/Workshops/Trolleys22.
If you have any questions, please contact James directly at james@epiclifeimages.

Some of his shots from Iceland are showcased in this post and others can be viewed on his website and social media sites. To read more about James Corbett visit his website at www.epiclifeimages.com.

To purchase your Platyball Elite visit our website at platypod.com