Timeless Kaleidoscope Perfection with Harry Chefitz

Words and Photos by Harry Chefitz
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"After watching Larry’s iPhone Photography Conference video (hosted by KelbyOne), I was inspired to try out some of the demonstrated 'tricks' on my own. There were two main comments that Larry said which inspired this photo shoot. First he said, 'use the smallness of the iPhone lens to your advantage, such as with prism photos.' Second, he compared building with the Platypod ecosystem to building with an erector set. As someone who still has my erector set from the 70's, I decided to see what I could build."

"I started to look around my house to see what I can fit my smaller iPhone lens into and I discovered my daughter’s kaleidoscope in the living room. I soon got to work on my 'erector set' and the results are in my behind-the-scenes photos seen below."


"One thing to note, I only use the main camera of the iPhone (not the ultra wide feature). The main camera is the only one that uses full resolution and RAW. It simulates four focal ranges by adjusting the size of the sensor: 24, 28, 35, and 48mm. I took multiple photos using various sensor settings. None of these images have been cropped."

"I also recorded videos which can be found on my Instagram page here."

"For my final step, I used my iPad to display a kaleidoscope as a background and used a super mini clamp to hold a wrist watch. With another gooseneck holding an LED panel and my iPhone in the Platypod holder, I combined two Platypod-inspired photos in one."

To view more of Harry's work, visit his website here and also be sure to give him a follow on his Instagram page.


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