Professional Grade, Lightweight Gear that Travels efficiently with Kersten Luts

Words by Eryka Bagwell

Pair down your photography gear for trips all over the world like Kersten Luts' latest trip to Sweden which (was as he says) "My travel was a breeze thanks to the Platypod Handle and Platypod eXtreme Tripod. They're so easy to pack, travel and create with - anywhere, anytime."

With the summer travel season upon us, many customers have been asking if the spikes will pass through security. We're happy to let you know that they have been cleared through security and have never been a problem in the past. So, rest assured, you can pack them with you on your next adventure!

See more of Kersten's work at, or on Instagram. Kersten also offers tips and tricks for photographers on The Camera Shake Podcast.

Also, If you have a final image and BTS using your Platypod gear that you’d like to share with us and potentially be featured on our blog (newsletter or social media pages), please contact us via