Ready to fly? Featuring Jesse Feyereisen

Words and Photos by Jesse Feyereisen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell
"So, funny story, an idea sparked while I was opening the garage door one morning after I saw how the bright and vibrant lighting filled the room. For some reason, it made me think of those big aircraft hangers with giant doors and I thought it would make for such a cool photo opportunity! With a Star Wars angle of course!"
"I grabbed a Vintage Collection X-Wing (about 2ft long) and placed it, the pilot, and R2 unit, and placed them on the floor in my garage. Initially, I thought I would want a wider shot for this, so I ended up setting up giant fake 'hanger doors' using a pair of full size V-Flats in the middle of my garage. For lighting, I used a Godox AD200 in a 25” softbox to act as my 'sunrise' on the far side of the V-Flats, then I added another AD200 in a small strip box (hanging over the ship for fill), and finally a bounce card behind it for additional fill on the back. Camera propped up on my trusty Platypod eXtreme, new Platypod Handle, and Platyball Elite! Lastly, I sprayed some Atmosphere Aerosol for haze and began snapping some photos."
"In Photoshop, I cleaned up the concrete floor and added lights to the R2 unit. Using Boris FX Optics, I enhanced my sunrise light, and finally used Lightroom to add some finishing touches and color grade."
See this shot and more:
Canon EOS-R + RF 15-35mm
1/125 sec, f/22, ISO 800


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