Real Estate Photography with Charlene Sligting

Words and images by Charlene Sligting

Buyers visually fall in love with their next home before they walk through the front door. As the owner and Visual Storyteller of Docha Real Estate Photography, it is imperative I am able to capture the correct angels and beauty of every property for my clients. At times this has proven to be difficult with my travel tripod. I was thankful to learn about the Platypod max tripod and the unique ability it has to be placed in spaces my travel tripod cannot while attending the ClickCon Conference.

Incorporating the Platypod Max and Benro IN00 ball head with my Nikon 7ll into my toolbox of gear is game changer for the images I can deliver to my client. At a recent shoot I wanted to highlight the large kitchen island which proved to be difficult with my travel tripod. I set-up my camera with the platypod max on the counter opposite of the island.


Boom I got it! My gear worked flawlessly together to provide an in-person perspective for cooking on this large kitchen island. My client was very pleased with the image which will help continue to set him apart from other Real Estate Agents.

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