Rock Solid Setup for Musicians with Rick Sammon

Words by Eryka Bagwell

The best feeling is finding a solution for an otherwise difficult or unattainable capture. This is no exception for our featured artist, Rick Sammon (A Platypod Pro). As a musician you have little to no room to add large bulky camera equipment on top of your already busy music 'zone'. The Platypod offers so many solutions to this problem and this is just another fantastic example of how you can apply your Platypod to achieve a final shot!

The Platypod eXtreme offers the perfect solid and compact base solution for your shot. Here we see that Rick combined his eXtreme with the new Platypod Handle Camera Riser and Vlogger Grip to get the perfect downward facing angle to capture him while he played his newest song! He opted for a smartphone video capture and added a jellyfish mount to attach that to the handle. The results speak for themselves (if you ask me).

If Rick was able to capture this with his smartphone, imagine the multitude of uses for your Platypod gear! You can add a Platyball ball head to help you capture those difficult product shots or a full overhead of just the 'keys' as Rick has also done in the past.

Here's what Rick said about his setup: 
"A friend asked, 'How do you record you music videos?' I use a simple, yet effective, set up: My iPhone 14 Pro mounted in the Square Jellyfish phone holder, small ballhead atop the Platypod Handle in the Platypod eXtreme.
Built-in iPhone mic and .5 lens setting.
My latest recording, 500 Miles High by Chick Corea:"

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