Samantha Kennedy: Telling the story with Platyball

Words by Larry Tiefenbrunn

Sunrise is always an experience especially when you’re with Samantha Kennedy, “Queen of the Sunrise”. In this series of captures taken in Bellport, Long Island, NY Samantha demonstrates the difference between taking a really nice photograph and one that is great, one that tells a story.


As you can see the colors and composition in each image are beautiful. However, the silhouette of a green heron, perched on a piling, contemplating daybreak, stimulates the viewer to form a story.

“That bird was in and out of there so fast, I was only able to fire off two shots before it flew away”. It was a good thing that Samantha had her Platyball Elite with her so that she was able to quickly compose and level her camera for a perfectly straight horizon.

Many thanks to Samantha for sending us these beautiful images. If you have something that you’d like to share, please contact us via For more information on Platyball, click here.