Scale Model Photography with Jarrod Erbe

Words and Photography by Jarrod Erbe
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"The final diecast model image (seen above) was created by shooting a series of images using the focus bracketing feature on my Canon R6 which I mounted on a Platypod eXtreme. The 1/36 scale model was placed in front of a background image on an iPad and lit using a LumeCube and LumeCube Panel Pro mounted on a couple of Platypod Ultras. The resulting images were focus stacked in Helicon Focus to produce a single image with greater depth of field. The stacked image was edited in Lightroom and brought into Photoshop with some help from ON1 Photo Effects and Boris FX Optics plugins to tie the scene together."

"I'm new to the Platypod system, but have so far found it to be a game changer for indoor and tabletop setups. In addition to the diecast models, I'm interested in a variety of macro subjects but my small studio space makes it difficult to get tripods and lighting gear into just the right spot. The Platypod system allows for seemingly unlimited flexibility, creativity and (as a result), I now find myself in the studio much more often than I used to be."

"I have a (probably too) wide variety of photographic interests and I'm looking forward to exploring the capabilities of the Platypod system in other contexts. For example, I've recently been shooting more landscapes and travel images with the iPhone and plan to add a Platypod Grip (their newest piece of gear) to my system in the near future."

To view more of Jarrod's scale model and other photography subjects, visit his website here. You can also find him at his Instagram and/or Facebook pages. 


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