Selecting my Night Photography Ball Head with Ken Lee

Words by Ken Lee
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Today, if I were looking for a ball head, I would have a close look at the Platyball Elite from Platypod. Why? This intriguing ball head has literally transformed the standard ball head design “upside down”. By placing the panning turntable on the top instead of the bottom, the Platyball has made exponentially easier for us to pan cameras in a straight line, even if the tripod legs themselves are not perfectly level."

"But there’s more... You may notice that I never mentioned bubble levels as one of the features that I was looking for in a ball head. That’s because they’re almost impossible to see, not only because I shoot in the dark, but also because they're commonly positioned in an inconvenient location. The Platyball Elite uses a backlit electronic leveling system (not terribly unlike what you might see in a digital camera). This uses an A23 alkaline battery for power and works in any orientation, also offering three brightness levels. Although I could do without one more item that requires a battery, this is such a useful feature that I might make an exception!"

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