How Seventeen Artists Use Their Platypods

Intro by Chamira Young

Today we wanted to share a blog post excerpt from, where Skip Cohen recently highlighted a couple of educational videos from Platypod inventor Dr. T. demonstrating the many possibilities Platypod brings to the world of landscape photography. In the videos, they also share the work of seventeen artists as they use their Platypod gear. Check out the post excerpt below!

Seventeen Artists Using Their Platypod Gear

By Skip Cohen

Over the last few months, "Dr. T," Platypod's inventor, founder, and owner, has done two terrific programs as part of Kelby Media's Landscape and Flash Conferences. I wanted to post both videos so you could enjoy the images he shared during each presentation. Between the two programs, he shared the work of seventeen different artists. If you'd like to fast forward to the slide show in the first video about landscape photography, Larry starts sharing images from other photographers at 15:05. 

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The Kelby Media FLASH Conference was held just recently on November 17. The slide show starts at 12:39 if you'd like to fast forward. Larry had been fighting Covid-19 for a week before the presentation...

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