Side lighting for Masterful Food Photographs with Andrew Scrivani

Words by Eryka Bagwell

The New York Times photographer and Platypod aficionado Andrew Scrivani demonstrates how food looks best when it's lit from the side or from behind with a diffused lighting technique. He's also added in just a little bit of reflective film as well. Here he's paired the Platypod Ultra with the Benro IN00, a square jellyfish smartphone holder and his iPhone to capture a platter of freshly cooked meatballs.

The set up that Andrew used is available in the Platypod Ultra Essentials Bundle or you can purchase a smaller (more simple) kit which is the Platypod Ultra Compact Smartphone Bundle, which includes a Platypod Ultra, Square Jellyfish Smartphone holder and a Giottos MH1004 mini ball head (along with mounting strap, carabiner and spikes. For his lighting Andrew selected a few essential tools which include two of the LumeCube RGB panel pros, Gooseneck and Platypod Ultras. To purchase more products visit our website by clicking here.