Simple Lighting Approach with Lenworth Johnson

Words by Lenworth Johnson - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I recently had the pleasure of working on this creative and exciting four part project recently with Irina, who had an incredible idea for this part of the project."

"We decided to add gold flakes for texture and pop of color around the eye. The result was visually appealing and truly unique, with a simple lighting approach we were able to highlight all the beautiful details and enhance the overall aesthetic of the images."

"You will see from the Pre-visualization and BTS images how the images were shot."

The art and sheer beauty of creating, using a very simple lighting approach.​​​​​​​​​@irina_borodina_model
Studio: 876 STUDIO⠀​​​​​​​​
Camera @canonusa
Modifier: @westcottlighting @parabolixlight
Lighting: @godoxlighting​​​​​​​​


To view more of Lenworth's lighting and portraiture visit his website here.


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