Delightful Smells and Sights with Shiv Verma

Words by Eryka Bagwell

Setting the stage for product photography can be a challenge. What can be so challenging about still life photography shooting, you ask? Let's dig into that statement a little deeper, shall we?

Locating the right product/subject, cleaning that product to remove any fingerprints/imperfections (that might be visible once you start snapping with your mirrorless), adding a unique and oftentimes intriguing abstract perspective are just a few crossroads you'll have to address prior to staging for your shoot. 

The next set of hurdles; what studio equipment do you plan to use? What tripod will you use? Lighting? You get the idea. 

In the capture above, of the Terre D'Hermès cologne, shot by Platypod Pro (and friend) Shiv Verma, you'll noticed that many of these (and other) factors were thoughtfully applied to achieve his final capture. 

Here we see Shiv apply a rolled corrugated poster board which became the abstract lines in the forefront of the image, pulling your eyes inward and toward the featured product. 

Shiv pulled a couple of Platypod Ultras, Elbows and Lume Cube 2.0 Panel Pros to light his subject. He pulled his trusty Platyball Elite into the equation by mounting that to his tripod to ensure a level final capture. 

To view more of Shiv's work visit his website and/or his Instagram page.

Have you tried your hand at product photography? Next time you feel inspired to challenge your skillset, incorporate a few of Shiv's techniques, Platypod gear (of course) and share your final capture and behind-the-scenes (BTS) with us for a chance to be featured on our blog, social and/or monthly newsletter! Please send your email and content to and/or

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