Southwest Singer Group Shot with Paolo Cascio

Words by Paolo Cascio - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"I was recently contracted to photograph the largest group shot I have ever done for the Southwest Singers in Sun City, AZ."

"Thanks to a 13’ platform ladder I was able to capture this image of the 138 member choir with my Canon R5C and R15-35mm mounted to my Platyball Elite and Platypod eXtreme. It was the absolute perfect tool for the job and I can’t imagine how I would have done this shot without it as it was a simple solution to a very complicated setup."

"The auditorium had recessed lighting, which gave me a decent ambient base level, but I was going to need a LOT more light to pull the shot off."

"I used (2) Aputure 600x’s bounced into the ceiling and then (2) 300x’s with shoot through umbrellas, all lights were at full power and I also color balanced at 3200K to match the ambient."

"Although I scouted the location ahead of time, it had gotten quite dark by 7pm when we got everyone in place. Final settings were a nail biting 10,000 ISO 1/160th at F9."

"Big thanks to Larry and everyone on the Platypod team for this amazing tool!"

Paolo Cascio- Glendale, AZ
Cinematographer/Commercial Photographer
Brand Ambassador/ Educator


To view more of Paolo's work visit his website here. You can also find him on his Facebook page here.



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