Stability is a 'shore' thing with eXtreme

Words by Eryka Bagwell
After several months of traveling throughout the country we had the chance to  catch up with Samantha Kennedy. She mentioned that she recently got together with Jan Shannon (a friend and fellow landscape photographer) on the South Shore of Long Island overlooking The Great South Bay. It had been some time since their last get together, so they coordinated to meet and Samantha knew it would be the 'perfect' place to bring her eXtreme. She knew stability would be a 'shore' thing despite the rocky coastline. 
It was 5 AM when she arrived and the air was crisp, cool and sunrise was nearly on the horizon. Samantha and Jan said their hello, chat for a few minutes and then Samantha quickly deployed her eXtreme. 
"It was so much easier for me to deploy the spikes now that they are hinged. It only took a couple of minutes, if that. I captured a few photos from the rocks before I moved further down towards the bulkhead to capture several other images."

We'll let the pictures do the talking from here, but we're confident that the eXtreme rapid deployment of the hinged spikes allowed Samantha to capture these breathtaking sunrise images quicker than she was ever able to in the past. 

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