Steve Brazill Gives His First Impressions of Platyball

Intro by Chamira Young 

Today we're proud to highlight an informative blog post and video from photographer and podcaster Steve Brazill. He recently shared his first impressions of the preproduction Platyball, and openly discussed its unique features, as well as how it stands out from the standard ballhead. He even takes it out in the field to show you how it holds up!

In Steve's own words:

Platyball says they turn the ball head upside down. With Platyball, the ball is on the bottom, that is what attaches to the tripod. The main ‘head’ part is on top. This means that regardless of the levelness of the tripod itself, and the angle of the ball, the part of the Platyball your camera attaches to can be leveled independently. That means the panning feature is level independent of the mount. I should note that there are two versions of the Platyball, the Ergo and the Elite. The Ergo doesn’t have a level, although both models come with a mounting plate for your camera that has a bubble level on it. For the Ergo I found myself using the level in my Canon camera. The Elite, on the other hand, has a built-in electronic level – and it’s even user calibrate-able.

Read the full blog post here.

In addition, Steve put together this great video about the Platyball. He shares his first impressions on this episode of Behind the Shot. Check it out below!