5 Things I Can't Live Without as a Macro Photographer with Stewart Wood

Words by Eryka Bagwell

All the pros agree, Platypod is always in their camera gear bag ready to go for those seeking a rapid deploy capture. Whether that be on-the-go or for a planned setup, the lightweight versatile products that we produce at Platypod are unmatched in quality and craftsmanship! 


Stewart Wood says: "Platypod is an absolute Game Changer for my Macro Photography. Their gear offers a stable platform that I can use low to the ground for rock solid foundation. Especially if there is a breeze, the Platypod rig allows me to get low to the ground and avoid the breeze from affecting my shot."

"While there are good alternatives out there... 'buy cheap and buy twice' (as the expression goes). I have NEVER had one piece of my Platypod equipment break! Invest in quality gear and you'll only have to buy once." 

"Personally, I use the Elbow and Mini Super Clamp during my shoots the majority of the time. They're so versatile. I find them useful for grabbing branches to stop them from blowing in the wind so I get a crisp capture. I also find these pieces of gear useful to hold background images. If I could suggest a few pieces of gear for you to keep in your camera bag, it would be the Platypod Elbow, Mini Super Clamp and the Handle as they can be set up on a regular tripod (and/or on Platypod tripods) and used in a multitude of ways."

"There are some shots that I would not be able to capture without the gear that Platypod sells."

Check out the video review (above) from Stewart Wood and be sure to tune into the 2 minute and 30 second mark to learn more about Platypod gear. 

To view more of Stewart's incredible macro captures visit his website here. Additionally, you can find Stewart on Instagram.


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