Storms at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland with Vanelli

Words by Vanelli
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I chose a low-angle shot to make this photo of Scotland's Edinburgh castle appear more powerful. This type of shot is where Platypod shines. Platypod gave me the needed angle and ensured I avoided camera shake and misalignment, especially when bracketing.

I did my best to get the image right in the camera, but I had to accept there were certain elements I would have to enhance or adjust. To stylize this photo, I used Luminar Neo's creative tools. HDR Merge tone mapped the Castle and pulled out hidden details, but it was the Dramatic tool that helped me achieve a gritty cinematic look. I replaced the sky with one that matched the scene's mood and used StructureAI to adjust detail and clarity. To isolate the Castle from the surrounding buildings, I cropped the image and did a little creative cloning over the remaining rooftops to complete my edit.

When editing photos, look past what you see and focus on what you imagined them to be."

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