My Go-To Travel Photography Gear by Terry White

Words by Eryka Bagwell

One of the largest ways to use Platypod gear is on-the-go and while traveling, as you'll hear many of our pros say. This article reflects the same message from Terry White. He does lots of traveling photography and of course, as any photographer can agree, it's helpful to keep your gear lighter when you're on the go. Especially when you're trying to avoid the #tripodpolice.

With Platypod, we boast a lightweight yet sturdy all metal collection of camera gear and accessories. You can use many of the products as standalone items, though you'll find that by combining them, you will have a full rig ready for rapid deploy captures. 

Terry says, "I usually use my phone for traveling photography but, Platypod is one of the pieces of gear that I love bringing because it's so easy to travel with it. Not to mention, it's one of the least expensive all metal smartphone grips of its kind! This platform (Ultra tripod) allows you to put camera mounts onto it, like a ballhead or a disc. The Platypod Grip (their newest piece of gear) is for smartphones and includes various orientations to mount your phone. The Grip screws right onto the Ultra and then you'll have a stable mount. This setup can work with a regular camera as well."


Be sure to see the other items that Terry White recommends to professionals by watching his video here. You'll catch Platypod around the 26 minute 40 seconds mark.

To view more of Terry's incredible work visit his website here. Additionally, you can find Terry on Instagram.


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