Tesla Owners Meet up At Apple Store

Words by Scott Bourne - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Ok this is very different for me. Working with 1/64 scale. Very small. Took me several hours to put together the diorama because I have such fat fingers, but the process was lots of fun!

Yes, even the little Apple Store lights up!

I bought some 1/64 scale Tesla cars on eBay for about $7 a piece plus shipping. I placed them at various points in the parking lot and then tried to emulate street lights on a foggy night.

It's not perfect but, it's my first try at something like this so I will get better. I am adding some people to the shot in a few weeks. For now just practicing with the cars and the diorama.

The background was a stock photo I purchased and then mashed up with some AI Art and some effects in BORISFX Optics. Then I had it printed at Printique.com.

I used my Fuji #x100v to photograph the toy models with one LumeCube Panel Pro as the main light source and another (Lume Cube) 2.0 Led on top as a fill. I used a Platypod to hold the light source and another (out of frame) to hold the camera. This is just a grab shot of the diorama so folks can see where I started.

ISO 160
0.83 seconds
Remember, toys are joy!

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