The Advantages Of A Platypod Compared To Other Tripod Alternatives

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Some locations prohibit tripod use. In those situations, you can probably use a tripod alternative. The Platypod is one of those alternatives and it has some built in advantages over other options.

Compare using a Platypod to a bean bag...

The Platypod is smaller and easier to ship, carry and transport. It is easy to change the angle of shooting using a Platypod. It is very useful for shooting videos. You can mount your normal tripod head on top of the Platypod and use it. This isn't possible on most bean bags.

Compare using a Platypod to a pocket tripod...

The Platypod is much sturdier than most pocket tripods and has the extra advantage of working on vertical surfaces as well as horizontal surfaces.

Compare using a Platypod to a suction clamp...

Suction clamps are bulky and awkward. They also require a flat, stable surface for the vacuum principle to work. This need for a clean flat surface to fix this mount is a disadvantage. These types of mounts also cannot handle heavy lenses.

Compare using a Platypod to a shoulder mount...

Shoulder mounts are big, heavy, bulky and expensive compared to a Platypod.


If you need an alternative to a tripod, the Platypod is almost always your best option. To learn more about the Platypod ecosystem visit


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