The Delivery with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


The Delivery

For this photo experiment, I was asked to use an ordinary household item as part of the shot. Having just moved, (half of my stuff being in storage, or moving boxes) created an extra challenge. I found some single use aluminum grill liners at the hardware store and noticed that they actually sort of look like some of the wall panels seen in the Star Wars universe. I knew I could do something with them.

I first spray painted one side of the liners dark grey, but quickly realized I liked the look of the bare aluminum side better. I hung to liner sheets from a bracket I made from a pair of Platypods and a few goosenecks for a backdrop. I then surrounded my desktop set with white foam core boards to help bounce light all around. I used one Lume Cube LED panel behind the set to to light up the backdrop “hallway” wall. A second LED panel was then mounted on a Platypod and gooseneck pointed towards a bounce card to act as my main key light.


In post, I did some basic color correction in Lightroom, followed up using  Photoshop to remove the stand holding up the floating Han Solo in carbonate, adding some control panel lights, some dust cleanup, and figure joint removal. Finished up back in Lightroom with some color grading and final crop.

Canon EOS-R + RF 70-200mm
1/25sec, f/7.1, ISO 400

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