The Golden Hour with Erik Kuna

Words by: Eryka Bagwell

Twilight can be the perfect lighting for landscape photography. Its soft glow gently kisses the surface of the mountain, highlighting all of the crevices and fissures that began taking form thousands of years ago. In tuning into a recent episode of the Grid, featuring interviews with Rick Sammon and Erik Kuna, we learn that while their favorite photography is landscape, their second favorite is the “Golden Hour”. We also learned how crucial it is to show up on time to capture the golden hour and the blue hour in the same shot. He mentions that a short 20 minutes after this capture a bus load of photographers hoping to capture this exact moment showed up with their hands full of gear to shoot their first shot of the day. Unfortunately for them, they were just too late. Luckily for Erik, he had his Platypod Max (hands free) and his photography gear to capture this low angle, worms-eye view of the blue/golden hour of Banff National Park in Banff Alberta. “All you need is the right planning and gear”.

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