The inside scoop on interior real estate photography

Words by: Eryka Bagwell

Since the launch of our Platyball Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been able to push the limits of our Platyball by testing it out in various photography mediums. This week, we’re excited to feature the work of our colleague Christopher Blair (Grizzly Media) and his video reel using our Platyball Elite and Platypod Ultra. In the 30 second clip (at the link below) you’ll see how Chris was able to capture diverse interior photos on both delicate surfaces and extreme temperature surfaces alike. By combining the Platyball Elite with his Ultra, he was able to pan the room with ease to capture every angle from ceiling to floor expanding his coverage. With a swift twist of the Elite onto the Ultra (and a quick calibration of the battery powered, LED, built in levelling feature and a final lock into place), Chris hit the ground running… with video recording that is. We couldn’t think of a better set up for shooting real estate photography and capturing large scale to the smallest scale details. The Platyball pre-order program is going on now at Snag your Platyball today (while supplies last) we currently have 127 Elites and 33 Ergos left for pre-order. Don’t miss out!

Also visit to see more of Chris' work!