The Light Cone x Karl Taylor PLUS Platypod gear with Lenworth Johnson

Words by Eryka Bagwell

The Platypod Handle Kickstarter Campaign launched nearly a month ago and captured the photography industry by storm! This nifty camera extender seems simple but it really does allow for so much versatility during shoots.

A perfect example of how you might want to use your Platypod Handle is seen in the video above from Lenworth Johnson - A Platypod Pro. Here he was conducting a tabletop product shoot for Monat where he combines his Platyball Elite with his Platypod Handle extended to its largest setting 10.5" overtop of this product.

In order to remove reflections and diffuse his lighting he opted for The V-Flat World: The Light Cone x Karl Taylor Light cone. The Light Cone x Karl Taylor features a collapsible and compact size solution for any table top photography needs.

We look forward to seeing how you use your Platypod Handle!

Additional work created by Lenworth Johnson can be viewed either on his website or on his Instagram pages. 

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