The Neon Museum, Las Vegas with Riley Arthur

Words by Riley Arthur - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a feast for the eyes of sign geeks and mid century modern enthusiasts. Its sign boneyard is best visited at dusk or night for the full effect. It has also become wildly trendy with the influencer set, and as a result, The Neon Museum has some of the strictest photography restrictions of any museum I’ve ever been to. The Louvre has far fewer photo restrictions; seriously, look it up!"

"So, on my first visit to the museum, I was a bit nervous about bringing my Platypod tripod in (as you can imagine) but, I wagered that if I stood away from other guests and used my Platypod Tripod, and Platypod Grip on my iPhone (DSLRs are prohibited except on select days for a higher entry fee), I’d be okay."

"I was timid at first but, got little more than a side-eye from the staff who didn’t hassle me. Shooting bright lights in night mode is much easier with a stabilizer, and I was happy I took the chance and brought it. Ultimately, I was sorry I didn’t take more pics with the tripod, but I also didn’t want to push my luck since it was a busy night with several tour groups going through. Worth a visit the next time you’re in Vegas and Platypod-friendly – if you go, bring minimal gear!"

To view more of Riley Arthur's incredible works visit her website and also be sure to follow her on Instagram.


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