The Newest Member of the "Family" Receives Its First Award!

Click on "Project We Love" to see the Kickstarter campaign
If you missed The Grid yesterday, with help from Scott Kelby and his team, Larry T (founder of Platypod), together with Lizzy Gadd and Kris Andres, launched our new Kickstarter for the Platypod eXtreme. Before the sun came up, the campaign was recognized by Kickstarter and received their "Project We Love" recognition, which now is tagged on the eXtreme page. This is an incredible honor!

It's been non-stop excitement ever since, as almost 800 backers supported the project in the first twenty-four hours.

There are three levels of participation ranging from the 1st Day Giveaway (May delivery plus a FREE Multi-Accessory Kit) to Early Delivery (June shipping) to regular delivery in August.
NOTE: As of this minute - there are only 294 eXtreme's left for the 1st Day Giveaway, ending at approximately 3:00 AM EST.

This was a great episode of The Grid. Watch the video below to learn about the newest member of the family and meet Lizzy Gadd and Kris Andres. The images shared were remarkable, and as always, our favorite podcast host, interviewing both guests, shared so much great information about their work and passion for each image.


A BIG thanks to everyone who made yesterday a reality! It was clearly a group effort of the Platypod team, Lizzy and Kris, our friends and Ambassadors, the KelbyOne gang (the best in the business) and all of you. You're the artists who have helped make Platypod the most popular tripod alternative in imaging.

Thank you for your incredible passion, never-ending feedback and support!