The only thing better than one Platypod Disc is TWO Platypod Discs...

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell


"If you've followed me for long then you know I generally recommend using a tripod to get the sharpest images. This applies even when using an iPhone camera.

I often use the Small Rig iPhone 13 Pro Camera Cage. It has connecting points all around the cage and I use mine to hold not one, but two Platypod Discs. Here's why.

Back when I used interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) I almost always used an Arca-Swiss type L-bracket. This would allow me to quickly go from horizontal to vertical when photographing from a tripod. The L-bracket fits within the Arca-Swiss style  tongue and groove system on the ball head to secure the camera regardless of orientation, i.e,. horizontal or vertical. 

Alas - there is no such device for the Small Rig iPhone 13 Pro camera cage. But there are plenty of standard, female tripod sockets around the cage, so I mount one Platypod Disc to the bottom of the cage and one to the side. That way I can secure my rig on the Platyball in either horizontal or vertical position. 

And while we're on the subject. When's the best time to make a vertical photo? Right after you make a horizontal photo. It's been my process for decades to always make at least one of each - a horizontal and a vertical. That way I have coverage depending on how an editor might want to use the image and I give them enough to work with so they don't have to crop.

And I love licensing verticals. Why? Because if you visit your local magazine rack, bookstore, news stand, etc., you'll notice that 99.99% of magazines are vertical in format. The cover is therefore vertical and since the cover pays better than the inside of the publication, I like me some covers. Consider that a bonus tip.

If you'd like to learn more about the Platypod Disc, including where to buy one, then check out my article on the Platypod Disc published at Picture Methods Blog."

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