The Picture Methods Blog Reviews the New Multi Kit Accessory Set

Intro by Chamira Young

Check out the following excerpt from Scott Bourne's Picture Methods blog. He reviews our recently released New Multi Kit Accessory Set and discusses the standout features of this handy kit! Specifically, he highlights how it ships with an Arca-Swiss compatible camera/lens plate that is unlike anything else available on the market. According to Scott, the plate alone is worth the price of the kit. Check it out below! 

Platypod Announces: New Multi Kit Accessory Set!

Words by Scott Bourne from 

Most of you know I am a huge fan of anything Platypod. I have been using Platypods since they were first introduced and have owned every model of Platypod. I also got to chime in on the Platyball – which is a unique ball head designed by Platypod owner, Larry Tiefenbrunn.

One of the things I like about the new Platyball is that it ships with a cool Arca-Swiss compatible camera/lens plate that is unlike anything else on the market. The NEW 2″ wide Arca-compatible, anodized aluminum, round mounting plate, has a 1/4”-20 stainless steel bolt male to 3/8”-16 female adapter with circular bubble level. It can be used to mount your camera or lens with lens foot to any Arca-Swiss compatible ball head.

Platypod has now included the Arca-compatible plate in their new Muti-Accessory Kit! The entire kit works with any Platypod including the Pro, Max or Ultra. In addition to the camera/lens plate, the kit comes with a 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and studio lighting; a silicone pad to secure grip on flat surfaces; a 36-inch cinch strap for securing your Platypod on large, freestanding objects (such as trees and wide poles); and a 3″ carabiner – all in a drawstring pouch.

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