The Platyball Ball Head: Capturing new angles to help tell your story with Scott Bourne

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

This is the Iron Studios 1/10 Art Scale Riddler. It's one of my favorites.
I decided to post a series of three images. I usually work up three to five angles with each piece. I try to tell a little part of the character's story or use a different point of view with each image. They have to stand on their own but, I need to "work the subject". Meaning (what's called getting lots of "coverage" in the video world) so I can edit later to tell the story I want to tell.
Then I'll put the piece down for a while and try again - usually coming up with even more ideas and sometimes even figuring out how to involve multiple pieces so I can tell a bigger story.
This is a semi-close up of the character. We now see more detail and compared with the Riddler's staff (which isn't in frame) this is a more traditional angle. The third image will be the final reveal shot of the diorama and full character.
Sometimes it's what you choose NOT to show that makes a photo standout.
I made this with my Fujifilm X Series US X100V mounted on a Platyball and Platypod - I used a combination of Photoshop and Topaz Photo AI to edit in post.
See BTS accompanying the main image.
Note I used a black card to stop the light from bouncing off the reflective walls of my shooting tent. Lighting from RAYA (A B&H house brand) and LumeCube Panel Pro. And of course Platyball Ergo, on the Platypod eXtreme and extra Platypod Ultra to help position the Lume Cube lighting.
Remember, toys are joy.
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