The Platypod Handle - Kickstarter Projects We Love!

Words by Eryka Bagwell


It's been a little over 24 hours since our HUGE Kickstarter announcement, The Platypod Handle, our newest member of the Platypod Ecosystem. This small, but mighty, piece of equipment not only allows more versatility with vlogging but also opens many possibilities for new creative solutions in your final captures! Boasting the ability to add up to 8 (yes, you read that right, 8) additional gear attachments! 

Larry T. is thrilled to finally be able to share his new invention (which has been years in the making) with the world. He's profoundly appreciative for all of your continued support in all of Platypod's creative visions for the industry. There's so much that happens behind-the-scenes for a launch of this magnitude, those of us working hard to make this vision a reality also thank you!

Within 15 minutes of the campaign launch, we were able to meet (and exceed) our goal for the Kickstarter program and as such, Kickstarter has recognized this feat by labeling this project one of the "Projects We Love". 

This could not be done without the continued support of our Platypod supporters. OUR MOST SINCERE GRATITUDE, WE THANK YOU!



Click here (or scan the QR above) to visit our Kickstarter campaign to learn more about why the Platypod Handle is the next piece of gear you need to add to your photography bag.

As a bonus gift to our followers, we're also offering a deal you don't want to miss out "The Perfect Pair" (on a previously backed and awarded) which includes, the Platypod eXtreme + Platyball Ball Head (either Elite or Ergo). You can snag that deal while supplies last by clicking here.