Five Tips using the Platypod Handle for Content Creation with Dave Williams

Words by Dave Williams - A Platypod Pro
The Camera Shake Podcast - Kersten

Edited by Eryka Bagwell

1. Easy Vlogging: Take your handle attach to your Platypod disc and then directly to your camera for easy Vlogging capabilities

2. Desktop vlog recording: Sometimes we need to set this up on our desktop to get the steady and stable video for our Blog. We can easily twist the handle onto our Platypod Tripod (eXtreme, Max or Ultra) for extra desktop stability

3. Deadweight vlogger: Attach a ballhead (Platyball Elite or Ergo) to your tripod of choice then we'll take the handle with our camera and gear and attach that to the top of the ball head. We now have a weighted gimble it's like counterweighted. It helps stabilize movement when vlogging

4. Vlog lighting: There will be times that we want to use a lightweight light solution for our vlog to enhance our vlog video. You can attach a Platypod Gooseneck to one of the eight 1/4" - 20 attachments at the top of the handle. Then you'll add your LumeCube RGB Panel Pro (click here to get yours while it's available) which has a great amount of versatility for your vlogging needs

5. Full Cinematography: The D750 camera will screw into your Platypod Disc setup and directly attach another Platypod Elbow onto another of the eight 1/4" - 20 attachments. We'll also add a Platypod Gooseneck to a third attachment location for additional lighting. To really test the full capacity of the handle, lets also attach a GoPro to the fourth attachment or it can even attach directly to the Platypod eXtreme (which gives us a second camera for the B-roll). You can never go wrong with adding more light

BONUS TIP: If you're creating content for Social Media you can also attach your cell phone to the Platypod eXtreme (along with the Platyball and a Jellyfish attachment) to capture all your Social needs as well

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