The Platypod Handle with Stewart Wood

Video and Review by Stewart Wood - A Platypod Pro
Words by Eryka Bagwell


In the video above, Stewart Wood (A Platypod Pro) helps break down the multitude of ways that our new Platypod Handle can be configured to help with your next photoshoot.

"It looks simple but it can do a lot of things" - Stewart Wood

This new handy tool has been configured to work with all of your standard photography gear. One of the ways Stewart mentions he likes to use his handle is by staging it directly over his table to show a full overhead view of his tutorials (shown in the video) and more. If you only want to raise your camera 3" you can use the compacted version of the handle which will allow for a low angle portrait shot with a little rise to be able to configure your camera without being restricted by your tripod base. 

This is a great accessory to add onto your tripod especially if that tripod does not have an extender option built in. That feature combined with the 8, 1/4" accessory inputs allows you to attach your gooseneck arm with a clamp, light or other accessory to hold your background or subject. 

He also features an iPhone Photography Macro handle setup that he is currently testing where he uses the Platypod Handle, attached to his iPhone and he then mounted a light to the handle using the Platypod Elbow with a LumeCube light for an outdoor macro setup. It is the perfect lightweight and compact configuration to have on hand. It's so much easier to deploy than a full gear setup (so you don't have to carry around all the bags, etc.). This set up can be used with a Platypod Tripod, like the eXtreme or the Ultra however, here we see Stewart holding the Handle "vlogging style". 

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