The Platypod Platyball Elite: The Ultimate Ball Head for Professional Photographers

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Introduction: If you’re looking for a reliable ball head for your camera equipment, the Platypod Platyball Elite is worth considering. This innovative ball head has an inverted design with a pan section on top and several features that make it perfect for professional photographers. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this ball head stand out from other models on the market today.

Unique Design Features: The first thing to note about the Platypod Platyball Elite is its unique design features. This ball head features an inverted design with a pan section on top, which allows you to easily adjust and lock the camera into place without having to reach under the camera. It also has an electronic leveling indicator so you can be sure that your shots are always level before taking them. In addition, it has an Arca-Type top and 3/8”-16 female bottom, so it fits most standard tripod heads.

Functional Features: The Platypod Platyball Elite also has several functional features that make it ideal for professional photographers. It has a payload of 22lbs, which is perfect if you need to carry heavier equipment like large cameras or lenses. It also includes a level disc that converts the Arca-type top into a 1/4”-20 bushing, so you can easily mount additional gear onto the ball head. Plus, it has 360° swivel and 90° tilt adjustment capabilities, as well as unlimited 360° pan rotation and front push buttons that lock/unlock the ball head quickly and easily. Lastly, there is also a convenient pan lock dial to keep everything secure during use.

Conclusion: Overall, if you’re looking for an innovative and reliable ball head for your camera equipment, then the Platypod Platyball Elite should be a top contender for your camera bag. With its unique design features and functional features, this ball head will provide professional photographers with all of the tools they need to take stunning photos every time they shoot! So if you’re in need of a new ball head, be sure to check out this model from Platypod today!

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