The Rescue with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I think for me, The Mandalorian series could’ve stopped at the end of season 2 and I would have been perfectly happy. A great story arc and seeing the return of one of my favorite characters from my childhood was so awesome. Recently my toy photography buddy Wes 850SithLord reached out and asked if I wanted to collaborate featuring some sort of Luke Skywalker shot, and I was all in."

"I grabbed my Hottoys 1/6th (12" tall) scale Luke from Sideshow, and a half crushed Dark Trooper he came with, and set them up on the table. Mounted up a few 3D printed wall panels behind the characters up high on a Platypod and Goosenecks, and I was set. Three light setup. One Godox AD200 in a softbox overhead as a key light. A second light gelled green in a strip box to provide some off camera lightsaber glow, and one more strip box gelled orange to provide some environmental glow for embers I would add in post. A few additional bounce cards and was all set."

"In post, I lit up the Trooper’s eyes in Photoshop, and used Boris FX Optics to generate some embers coming out of the Trooper as if Luke just cut through him with his lightsaber. Finished in Lightroom with a few more tweaks, color grade, and final crops."

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More Jesse Feyereisen Toy Photography at

See this shot and more:

Canon EOS-R + RF 100mm
1/125 sec, f/22, ISO 800 


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