The Ultimate Setup for an Action Packed Toy Capture with Scott Bourne

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Here’s another fantastic 1/10 art scale piece by Iron Studios. I based this setup on the Avengers Endgame, the Ultimate battle for the fate of our planet and the entire universe. This is fought between the Avengers and their allies against Thanos and his Black Order.
I photographed him using my Fujifilm X Series US X100V against a printed background from
  • ISO 320
  • f/8
  • 1 seconds exposure
This really was a simple setup — there was light coming from behind my camera (which was set up to the left of the lighting) and bouncing against a silver bounce card in front. I staged my Platypod Max (new model is Platypod eXtreme) with my Platyball Ergo and my camera on top in the forefront. In the background I combined my Platypod Ultra with a Platypod Gooseneck holding LumeCube Panel Pro in the back on the left of the BTS shot.
I developed my post work in Boris FX Optics and Topaz Labs Photo AI.
Remember, toys are joy.
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