Three Ways To Use A Platyball

Words by Scott Bourne
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

One of the advantages of an upside down ball head like the Platyball Ergo or the Platyball Elite is that they can easily do things that conventional ball heads cannot.

Let's look at three things you can do with a Platyball that are really fun and will help your photos and videos stand apart from the crowd.

1. Use the Platyball upside down.

The Platyball easily mounts to trees, fence posts, lamp posts, overhangs, etc. allowing you to get a unique perspective that is very hard to duplicate on many tripods with traditional ball heads.

2. Timelapse Creation

You can use the Platyball connected to a tripod or just a small Platypod, mount your camera and set up for a time lapse. Watch the video below.

3. Faster Setup & Level

If you've ever set up a traditional ball head with lots of levers and knobs and then tried to make it perfectly level for panoramic or other shots, you know how time consuming and frustrating that can be. The Platyball Elite is faster and easier to set up for level operation. Watch the video below to see how.


The Platyball is one of the most innovative ball heads on the market. How do you use yours? If you have images you made with a Platyball and have some behind the scenes images you can share with our audience we may feature you on our Platypod blog - with links back to your portfolio and social accounts. If you have something you think we may want to see, leave a comment below with your email address and we'll get back to you if we are interested.

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