Tim Wallace Inspired Scale Model Car Photography with Kersten Luts

Photos and YouTube Video by Kersten Luts - A Platypod Pro
Words by Eryka Bagwell

Today we're featuring the fantastic capture from our very own YouTube Host and Platypod Pro Kersten Luts. In this feature, we'll discuss a how he was able to capture this 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 model car in crisp detail with lighting accents to enhance the overall look and add more realism. 

Peeling away the first layer, we learn how he was able to stage his shoot using various Platypod gear, a model car and an infinite curve paper as the backdrop. 

You'll notice that with each angle that he shot the model car, the lighting mirrors the angles and setup of the car. This is done to ensure that the lighting/highlight on the windshield emulates what natural lighting will achieve. He keeps his aperture between f/8 and f/11 to ensure that his captures will be as sharp as can be. 

Kersten reveals that the trick to achieving a hyper-realistic image is, a little pro tip called "Focus Stacking." For those of you that have yet to try this technique, it's quite simple and requires a little bit of additional pre/post production work. The camera settings (which vary from each brand) that we should be selecting prior to shooting is something called "Focus Bracketing." Using this shooting style, will tell the camera to shift its focus from the front to the rear while ensuring that tack sharpness you'd expect from each detail within your photograph.

He goes over all of this and so much MORE on our YouTube Channel. Click here to visit the video (described above) and learn more about how you can capture this hyper-realistic style scale model photography with either a model car or any other toy photography for that matter. 

To view more of Kersten's content you can visit his podcast, The Camera Shake Podcast on YouTube, his website, his Instagram and his Camera Shake Podcast on Instagram


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