Toying with Light with Scott Murphy

Photos and words by Scott Murphy
My pandemic silver lining was discovering toy photography.  It’s become a daily pleasure that doesn’t depend on being able to leave the house. I’ve even set up a mini tabletop studio in a basement nook - perfect for shooting mini figures! My Platypod Ultra easily supports my medium format system, and allows me to make the precise adjustments I need to get the exact framing I want.

Similarly, I position my main lighting with a Platypod gooseneck arm on an Ultra tripod base that I’ve secured to my shooting platform.  A pair of DIY bounce cards provide fill light, while background lighting on a black-painted wall completes my studio setup.

And so: hailing from the Outer Rim Territories, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 165 pounds, meet the politest pound for pound fighter this side of the galaxy...

My work can be found on my blog and on Instagram @toyingwithlight