Travel light without sacrificing quality with John Walrath

Words by John Walrath
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"I would describe my preference for shooting as methodical and slower paced. I enjoy the challenge of finding a composition, setting up for the shot then fine tuning what is included and excluded from the frame. I own several tripods and use them frequently. However, they are a commitment to carry and I don’t always want to or able to lug them around."

"My Platypod eXtreme allows me to “go lighter” and still work in a familiar way."

"In the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg, there are plenty of things I can turn into a tripod. Benches, barrels, fence posts and even the ground all make a great tripod with my Platypod. In this shot, I set up my Platypod eXtreme and Platyball on a well to capture this scene."

"The Governor’s Palace is one of the iconic buildings in Colonial Williamsburg, I have photographed it countless times. I found this composition several years ago and revisit it in some way when the trees in the foreground are in bloom."

"Concerning the image, it was shot on a Fuji X-T4 with a 23mm f1.4 lens. The light was nice so all it needed minimal processing and a slight panoramic crop. I find that a panoramic crop, 16:9 in this case, is closer to how we experience the world and can make an image more immersive."

"You can see more of my photography at This image is from a project called Captured In Williamsburg -

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