Ultra Twin Pack Bonanza!

Words by: Eryka Bagwell

For a limited time (and while supplies last) you can purchase our Ultra Twin pack for only $99. The retail cost for this offer is $172 so you’re saving $73. This deal includes two Ultra kits as well as a pack of goosenecks and the multi accessory kit.

We've designed this kit for everything from online education, to the boardroom, industrial applications, vlogging, lighting and clamp support with applications like food and macro photography and even music videos – basically any place you need more than one angle of coverage. The twin pack includes two Platypod Ultra mounting plates, two Platypod silicone rubber pads, two 3" spigot adapter 3/8"f to 1/4"f, and two 1/4" to 1/4" crossnut adapters.

Unlock Ultra's full potential with the NEW Multi-Kit and a set of goosenecks. The star of the NEW Multi-Kit is the industry's first round Arca compatible quick-release plate, which also doubles as a 3/8" to 1/4" adapter. It even sports a bubble level to allow you to level your Platypod. Multi also allows you to strap Ultra to objects, quickly setup with a non-slip pad, and attach Ultra to objects with ease. And the 3-inch spigot adapter, sold in the Multi-kit, adapts to hold studio and portable lighting. Last but not least is a 3-inch carabineer with everything coming in a drawstring pouch.

Your Ultra is even more versatile with our bendable, yet sturdy goosenecks. Hold clamps, lights, smartphone holders, etc... or any tool with a 1/4-20" thread.

  • Two stackable goosenecks
  • 10.5” long each or stacks to 21”
  • Supports 24 oz single or 16oz stacked
  • Two 1/4"-1/4" m-m crossnut adapters with integrated storage

If you feel so compelled we’d appreciate the chance to see the photos you captured with the Ultra Twin pack. Share your finished image and the behind-the-scenes shots and (with your permission) we may even feature you in our monthly newsletter or perhaps in another blog post. Allow your creativity to run wild with this kit because the applications are endless. Don’t miss your chance to purchase your Ultra Twin Pack kit. Visit our website to learn more today.